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Hello, hello amazing readers! Welcome to another Tag Thursday where I attempt to whittle down the humongous bookmarks folder full of tags from all you amazing bloggers. Today I decided to go with The Harry Potter Tag. In case any of you didn’t know I am a bit Potter mad so this is the perfect tag for me!

I actually have no idea who originally came up with this tag but here’s a shout out to cloudsgirl which is where I saw it myself.

Okay, let’s do this!

What house are you in?

Although I have never considered myself to have the attributes of a Slytherin I have taken multiple tests in the past which all place me in Slytherin. I personally have always associated more with Ravenclaw but who am I to question the sorting hats decision?

What is your Patronus?

Isn’t it amazing what you can find in google? Apparently my Patronus is a dog. I’m fine with that, I love dogs! 

What is your wand?

9″ Vine Wood, Thestral Tail Hair

Your wizarding wand would be nine inches long, made from vine wood with a Thestral tail hair core. The wood used to create this wand is given to those who have great purpose and who are intelligent and selfless. The core is one of the most unstable substances to use; it takes a special kind of person to wield the wand.

What would your Boggart be?

Probably a giant moth. I can’t think of anything I am more terrified of. 

What position would you play in Quidditch?

I don’t play any kind of sport and can’t imagine that I would be much good at any position in quidditch but if I had to choose then I would probably go with chaser because really they don’t seem all that important!

Would you be a pure-blood, half-blood, or muggle born?

Since I would be a Slytherin I guess I would be a pure blood! 

What job would you like to have after leaving Hogwarts?

I would never want to leave Hogwarts so maybe a professor or something!

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

Definitely the invisibilty cloak. Imagine the possibilities for mischief?! (I mean… yeah to be honest I do mean mischief!)

Favourite book?

The Half Blood Prince… I don’t even know why. I guess it just felt like the book where the most drama was at!

Least favourite book?

It would be a toss up between The Philosophers Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. I get really nostalgic about them and reading them does make me happy but they don’t have the same vibes as the rest of the series. From Prisoner of Azkaban things get a lot darker and cooler and that is how I like it! (Gosh maybe I am meant to be a Slytherin?!)

Favourite Film?

I loved The Goblet of Fire and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. 

Least favourite film?

Again probably the first two for the same reasons as the books.

Favourite character?

Fred and George Weasley. They just make me laugh so much!

Least favourite/most hated character?

Umbridge. I have never hated a character more.

Favourite teacher?

I think Snape takes it here. I mean I don’t think I’d want to have him as a teacher but to read about/watch he is hilarious. 

Least favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

I really really didn’t like Professor Lockhart and I am not very keen on Trelawney either. 

Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

I don’t know… the only one I can think of is that I actually really disliked Michael Gambon as Dumbledore because he just did not match the picture I had in my head of the character and I have always been salty about it.

That’s all for today’s tag guys! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and if you fancy having a go yourself please make sure you link back to me so I can see your answers too!



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