Short Blogging Break || ♥ I’ll see you soon! ♥ ||

Hi everyone! 

Just a quick post from me this morning to update you on the blog as I know it’s been a bit quiet! I had a huge backlog of reviews to write and I am finally caught up with only one review left to write. I am just struggling to fit blogging in at the moment and even my reading is taking a bit of a back seat as it’s the Summer holidays so I have the kids at home and juggling them with working from home as well as all the days out and mini breaks we have planned for the time off it is just going to be a real struggle. I’ve decided to take a semi hiatus until the kids go back to school in September. There will still be posts going up now and then as I will still be reading and reviewing all of the tour books that I committed to read in August but that will be all for now until things are a bit less hectic. I hope you all have a great summer and I’ll see you soon! ☻


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