|| June Wrap-up & July TBR ||


Hi, hello lovelies and welcome to my June wrap up post! I know I say this every month but seriously, wtf? It’s July and we are officially past the halfway point of 2021! I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying yourselves as much as is currently possible. Here in the UK restrictions are looking likely to be lifted entirely in just a few short weeks and I could not be more excited about a bit of normality. My June reading month was a bit weird… I started off really slow, fell into a tiny slump with so much other stuff going on and then managed to pick it up and get back on track again in the last week of the month. I managed to read 11 books in total which is a little bit less than my usual number but considering how busy this month I am more than happy with the total. 

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|| June in Books ||

Here are all the books I managed to squeeze in during June and the star ratings I gave each one!

As usual if I have written a review for the book you can click the cover to be taken to the review. If it doesn’t take you anywhere it means I have not written a review for it yet!


So I think I read some real gems this month and I am so torn on my book of the month so I am going to have to split the title between my two favourites. First off Tremendous Things by Susin Nielson which was an incredibly funny and heart-warming story about a boy who struggles to fit in and his journey toward self improvement and falling in love. Secondly Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim which is an incredible, exciting fairytale based on The Wild Swans where we follow funny, reckless and completely badass Princess Shiori as she struggles to break the curse her stepmother has placed upon her and her six brothers. I highly recommend both of these books, if they are not already on your radar then they absolutely should be! I think it is very safe to say that the biggest disappointment of the month and my only sub 3-star read goes to The Invisible Tightrope which sadly was not my cup of tea at all. 



So next up we have my July TBR! I am pretty excited about this month for a few reasons. Firstly I decided to choose my TBR a little differently than usual… normally I plan around release dates and try to prioritise anything that is coming out during the month but that usually results in me reading a tonne of brand new releases and my bookshelf just sitting there getting totally neglected. Don’t get me wrong, I love a new book as much as the next person and I have made sure to include at least a couple of new releases but for the most part I have taken a look at my bookshelf and picked ones that I’ve wanted to read for a while, that stood out to me. I have also chosen a few library books (ahem, The Bone Season series) that I have literally had at home on my shelf since April. I have renewed them so many times its crazy so this is the month I am going to read them! 


|| July TBR ||



What do you think to my TBR this month? What are your reading plans? Leave me a comment and let’s chat!


  • Amazing that you read 11 books! 😀 I am hoping to read The Maidens this month. I have both the audiobook and the e-book from my library, so hopefully I will be able to listen or read it at some point before the end of the month. I checked out both because I’m not sure what format I want to read it yet LOL. Amazing July TBR! I hope you enjoy them all, especially The Bone Season and The Mime Order, because I LOVE the series so much so far. <3

    • Thank you!! I hope you manage to read The Maidens, it was a great book. I haven’t started The Bone Season yet… it’s been another month where there just aren’t enough hours in the day! I am getting through my pile though slowly but surely!

  • Looks like June was a good reading month for you! I hope July is just as good 🙂

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