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What’s your opinion on love triangle plots?

(submitted by Julie @JadeSky)


Lou’s answer; 

This is a tricky one to answer actually. I sort of love and hate these plots at the same time. I think that when a love triangle is well done it can add a bit of intrigue and excitement to a story, leaving you wondering who the character will end up with and you sort of end up picking a favourite yourself and rooting for a particular love interest even though a lot of the time it is pretty obvious who will end up together. I do find that most of the time in books though that a love triangle is introduced simply to create drama that a lot of the time doesn’t feel right and just ends up being really annoying and actually takes away from the enjoyment of the story because it is just so badly done. I am definitely open minded though and a love triangle plot will not stop me from reading a book but it might annoy me all the way through if it is poorly introduced and written. 

These are some of my favourite love triangles!

Katniss / Gale / Peeta; What I loved about this particular love triangle was that it was not particularly romantic. I know that sounds weird but it came from a survival instinct more than anything and I found that really interesting to read about! 


Yep, I went there! Edward > Bella > Jacob definitely make it into my top love triangle plots. Cheesy and badly written as it may be I was completely absorbed in the Twilight world and am firmly Team Edward!




Feyre > Tamlin > Rhysand; I mean I don’t think this even needs to be said but this was amazing. Team Rhysand all the way! #NightCourtForever




America > Maxon > Aspen; I was completely amazed by how totally invested I was in this book and these relationships! I was rooting for Maxon from the start!






Do you have any favourite love triangles? Does a book with a plot like this put you off or encourage you to read it?







  1. The Twilight Series love triangle is one of the best IMO. I like a love triangle when you can find redeeming qualities in both love interests, but you can clearly root for only one of them.

  2. I am not a big fan of love triangles. I don’t mind them when a series of book starts and you are getting to know the characters, but when they drag, I get frustrated.

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