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Hi bookworms! It feels like it’s been a little while since I posted a meme on the blog so I am once again taking part in Top 5 Tuesday which was created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, and is now being hosted here @Meeghan reads!

This weeks prompt is top 5 books that I want to re-read! I feel like I am constantly saying to people “oh, I would love to read that again!” and so this prompt was really fun to do! I didn’t have to think all that hard about which books to include as a few just immediately came to mind which must mean that I do really want to read them again! 


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Throne of Glass was my first ever SJM book and the one that started my love affair with her books, her worlds and characters just completely absorb me. I loved these books so much and even though it feels like a big task to commit to reading them all again I would really love to at some point. I am actually considering listening to them on audio next time as over the years I have actually collected them on on Audible and it might be a different experience to listen to them instead of re-reading. 






Who didn’t love these books when they were young? I get so nostalgic when I think about the Point Horror series. I remember excitedly searching my local library as well as the school library just trying to pick up one that I hadn’t already read. Over the years I am sure I must have read them all. I’d love to pick some of these up again just for the nostalgia of it. 








I read the first three Graceling books years ago and I remember really enjoying them but otherwise I don’t actually recall much about them. I recently found out there is a new book in the series but I just feel like I would need to re-read the first 3 to remind myself of the world and characters before jumping into the new one. 








I think I have talked about this on the blog before but I am desperate to re-read all the Shadowhunter books! So far I have read all of The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books (I binge read them all when I was pregnant 8 years ago! I absolutely loved them and have since picked up the entire Dark Artifices as well as the two new Last Hours books but I haven’t started either yet because I feel like I want to read them all again in order. Shadowhunter summer maybe? We’ll see! 







Last but not least we have this little gem. Again I absolutely loved this and the second book in the series but when I read it at the time the final book hadn’t been released and when it did for some reason I just never picked it up. It’s been so long now that I definitely need to read the first two books again before diving into the 3rd!








That’s all for this weeks Top 5 Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed reading my post and as usual if you share any of these books in common or just want to chat anything bookish with me then feel free to leave me a comment! 




  1. I’ve only read throne of glass and city of bones on this one. But I liked both of them. And it’s high time I pick up graceling, everybody keeps talking about it so much aah 😂.
    Loved the post! ✨

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