Hi everyone and welcome to my June TBR post!

I am so excited to be taking part in THREE amazing blog tours this month kicking off with Glass Coffin on the 13th, Blood Like Magic on the 18th and The Maidens on the 21st!

I have carried over three books from last month that I just didn’t quite manage to squeeze in (I blame the humongous Priory of the Orange Tree for missing them out) and I am FINALLY going to be reading the From Blood and Ash trilogy. I have so many friends who absolutely love this so I cannot wait to get started!

I suspect these to be my favourite reads of the month but I am also expecting to enjoy Blood Like Magic and Sisters of the Snake! I am not so sure about Marion Lane and the Discworld novels so far have failed to impress me but let’s see! 


|| June TBR ||



What do you think to my TBR this month? What are your reading plans? Leave me a comment and let’s chat!


  1. I hope you have a great reading month! I hope to read Lost in the Never Woods as well! Also, the Maidens sounds very good!

    1. I’m starting The Maidens next and I am super excited because it just looks so good! I hope you enjoy Lost in the Never Woods. I am still listening to it but its not quite as good as I had hoped it would be so far. There’s still time for it to redeem itself though!

  2. That is an impressive TBR list and I hope they are all great reads! I have added “The Maidens” and “The Pact” to my June reading list (thank you). I have a book I recently finished that I think you would enjoy (perhaps for July?) called “Shimmers” by J.P. Strecker. A group of scientists/physicists are testing the boundaries of time and space when they unleash a mysterious force… Two young brothers, twins, James and Joshua are the ones that unfortunately, come across it. Joshua steps into the mist and doesn’t come out. Will he get his brother back?
    James is devastated about losing his brother and has also been unknowingly affected by the phenomenon. He begins to see “shimmers/hallucinations.” He even develops a friendship with Eddie, a little boy that his parents think is imaginary. The book is creepy and heartwarming and kept me wanting more. It is definitely a premise that stretches the imagination but doesn’t scare you. It is an interesting mash up of science fiction/paranormal and suspense. Hope you will check it out – here is the website if you want to read more about it – HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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