Good morning to all of my amazing followers! I hope you are all feeling good and enjoyed the long weekend if you were lucky enough to have one.

To those of you who saw my post yesterday and were kind enough to leave comments and well wishes, thank you so much. You are the reason that I love blogging so much.

I have taken the whole weekend to read, relax and think over my longer term plans. I thought that I had made a firm decision on taking a blogging break but then when this morning came and I had nothing to write or post it left me feeling a bit lost and empty. It made me realise that getting rid of my blog is not at all what I want to do but it doesn’t change the fact that everything I posted yesterday remains true. I am still struggling with time and so I am hoping that I have come up with a good compromise. 


As much as I love taking part in weekly memes, this is going to have to stop. I regularly take part in Top 10 Tuesday, Down the TBR Hole and Top 5 Saturday but going forward I will not be regularly featuring these kinds of posts on my blog. The only exception to that will be WWW Wednesday which I will continue to share every Wednesday.

There may be times where I find myself with a bit of extra time to write a post like this and when I can, I will.

I intend on taking my blog back to what it was intended to be when I first set it up and that is to share my book reviews. I hope to share 2-3 book reviews per week on my blog but of course that all depends on how many books I have actually read. Sometimes there might be more, sometimes less. I hope that my followers will continue to enjoy what I am posting anyway!



This is one of the main things that I find myself struggling with. I spend a lot of time every day reading, liking and commenting on posts from other blogs and I really do love to do it but it is costing me so much time every day that I simply can’t keep up with it. Going forward my intent is to set aside a dedicated 30 minutes every day to read through posts that interest me on the WordPress reader and of course like and leave as many comments as possible. I also plan on engaging as normal with my close blogging friends (you know who you are!)  and those in TWR gang. If you leave me a comment I really do appreciate it and I will definitely reply to you and make the effort to check out your latest posts and see what you have been up to as well!

Social Media

I still plan on remaining very active over on Twitter and Bookstagram so if you are not already following me over there then please go ahead and do it as that is where the vast majority of my other bookish content and engagement is going to be going forwards.


Thank you so much for reading my blog and I do hope you’ll continue to check in!







  1. It’s so difficult to find that perfect balance! And even when we do, it may change from time to time. The reading (blogging) life definitely has its seasons!

    1. Thank you! I think once I had said I was going to stop for a while it made me see that I didn’t want to! Fingers crossed this will work better, it’s all about balance and I just need to find it!

  2. I am so happy you have a plan for some balance in your blogging life. I would love to add in weekly meme posts, but I haven’t created the time to do so. Right now, book reviews and tours are my focus. I think the last year or so has put more stress on us than we realize. I hope you find your balance and peace with the blog, because I do love reading your thoughts on books.

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t know how it happened but it just turned into a lot of pressure seemingly overnight. I think I just connected with so many people, started reading so many blogs and taking part in so many weekly memes that it all got on top on me. Stripping back to just reviews I hope will be really helpful!

  3. Everything really is about balance! Im glad you are taking steps to make sure you aren’t overworking yourself on a hobby! I will be glad to see your posts even if they are fewer!

    1. Thank you so much! I am hopeful it will work out and that ill find myself to be generally less stressed out. I hope you find a way to balance your time better too and don’t put yourself under too much pressure!

  4. It’s so hard sometimes to realise when we need to take a break but it’s good that you are finding the right balance that works for you. I hope you’ll feel much better going forward and remember, blogs are,at the end of the day, just a hobby and it’s supposed to be something that makes us happy to do and be a part of and if we’re not happy then change is good. It’s taken me getting very ill and being on antibiotics to finally recognise that I need to slow down significantly on my blog too. I haven’t written about it yet, been to tired to write much, but my own book blogging has been taking up too much of my own time recently and I need to take a break too. Hope you feel better now, and whatever you decide to do, stay happy <3 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I hope you are starting to recover from your illness now and I hope that a break helps you. Sending hugs and take care! I love your blog so even if there are less posts ill still enjoy popping in and reading it!

    1. I hope you are feeling ok now and that the break helped you? I totally agree about self care. It is so easy to forget that someday now we all seem to have a million things to do in a day and yet a day is not any longer.

      1. I am doing good, the break really helped because I am excited to blog again and not feel overwhelmed with it. I don’t feel pressure to do the memes, if I like the topic that week I will do it if not thats ok too! Hope your new format helps!

  5. It’s so tricky to get the right balance. It can get crazy at times trying to fit everything in. Always good to take a minute and reassess things ❤️

    1. Yes that is what I tried to do this weekend and I am really hopeful that mentally ill be in a better place for taking a little step back and not putting so much pressure on myself. Thank you for your lovely comment x

  6. Totally hear you on the overwhelm! For what it’s worth, I committed to posting once a week on Sundays and I managed for a month before missing a post this past Sunday due to, well, life. All that to say: what you do is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment. It is very difficult to try to stay on top of it all and I do have to remind myself that is a hobby and it is meant to be fun so trying to not stress as much about it now!

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