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|| Book Review || The Colour of Magic (Discworld #1) by Terry Pratchett || Around the Discworld in 41 Months ||

|| Book Review || The Colour of Magic (Discworld #1) by Terry Pratchett ||

I am really excited to share my review today of the first book in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Myself and my buddy Lynn have made it our mission to read all of the Discworld books in order at a rate of one per month for the next 41 months. This is a huge series and a really exciting undertaking as it is series we have both wanted to read for a long time. First up is of course The Colour of Magic so take a look below to see what the book is all about as well as my thoughts. Don’t forget to check out Lynn’s blog too to see what she thought of the book!


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Genre: Fantasy, Humour

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 24th November 1983

Somewhere on the frontier between thought and reality exists the Discworld, a parallel time and place which might sound and smell like our own, but which looks completely different. Particularly as it’s carried through space on the back of a giant turtle (sex unknown).

If you’re new to the Discworld don’t worry, you’re not alone . . . Twoflower is the Discworld’s first tourist, he’s exceptionally naive and about to get himself into an array of dangerous and fantastical situations on his travels.

And if that didn’t sound fateful enough, it’s the spectacularly inept wizard, Rincewind who is charged with safely chaperoning Twoflower and his Luggage (a walking suitcase that has half a mind of its own and a homicidal attitude to anything threatening) during his visit.

Safe to say chaos ensues…




So, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read. I mean it was honestly absolutely mental.

I was warned by a few people before picking this up that this is not the best of the Discworld novels and not to judge the whole series off the back of this one and so I went in with an open mind and although it took me a while to get into it I did end up having a good time reading it.

I have a lot of thoughts about it but don’t really know where to begin.

So rather than being one story this is actually a collection of a few short stories that follows the wizard Rincewind (who really grew on me the more I read) and the tourist Twoflower who came from another world and dreams of seeing dragons, adventuring and has a box of luggage with legs, a personality and a particular fondness for biting.

Twoflower is well intentioned but sometimes a bit irritatingly optimistic and Rincewind… well. He was just great. I loved seeing all the mishaps he got himself into and somehow back out of again. I also really enjoyed seeing how annoyed Death and Fate were getting with him as he kept escaping from seemingly impossible situations.

The luggage I found completely bizarre… to be honest though the entire thing was bizarre but I suppose that is the point.

There were many, many moments that made me smile but none that made me laugh and I think that is a bit of a let down for a book that is described as a comedy book.

Most of the time I just sat there shaking my head and wondering what Pratchett was smoking when he wrote it and whether I’d be able to get my hands on some!

I also find the style of writing to be difficult to follow at times and I definitely had to read some parts multiple times in order for it to sink in. I am sure some people would get along with it just fine but for me it was a bit difficult and I would have liked it if it were a bit better formatted with shorter paragraphs and chapters might have been nice too but maybe I am just being picky.

I did really love the world building and the crazy characters and although I didn’t immediately fall in love with the book I am still looking forward to continuing the series.




Have you read this book? Do you want to? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s discuss! ♥

5 thoughts on “|| Book Review || The Colour of Magic (Discworld #1) by Terry Pratchett || Around the Discworld in 41 Months ||

  1. I enjoyed this – within reason, because, like you, I was warned it wasn’t the best and not to judge the rest on this one – so, I went in with very reasonable expectations. It definitely made me smile as oppose to laugh out loud. I liked meeting Rincewind though and Death and Fate made me smile. I would definitely love luggage that follows me round so I can’t lose it – not to mention it’s a bit like having a bodyguard isn’t it? I look forward to No.2 and hopefully will keep on track chatting as we read.
    I think on the whole we had a similar experience with this one.
    Lynn 😀

  2. Forty one Novels! A fix for all the fantasy readers! A novel a month, some would have started and finished university in that time! Here’s hoping the journey is a fantastic one!

  3. I’m glad you liked the book 🙂 I would agree it is not the best Discworld, it took him a few books to really get into the right style I think.

  4. I’ve read and re-read all Terry Pratchett’s books but I agree that this one isn’t the best. I started with Mort which was a good starting point. Luckily that one comes soon in the list so hopefully you’ll be reading it soon 🙂

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