|| Book Review || A Black Widow’s Web by Phil Martin

It’s my spot on the blog tour today for A Black Widow’s web and I am absolutely thrilled to be taking part. Thanks to Emma at Damppebbles and the author for my copy of the book in exchange for an honest review!


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Genre: Thriller

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 14th January 2021

Estate agent Lawrence Hennessey has his eyes firmly on the prize, a future away from the mother of his daughter and a multi-million-pound property deal to fund his new life.

His dreams are shot to pieces though when he is arrested for the most heinous sexual crimes against his seemingly embittered ex, Summer, and their seven-year-old daughter, April.

He claims his absolute innocence, but the evidence is so strong that his world quickly turns against him. Having breached his bail conditions, he is sent to prison awaiting a trial that, with his life now in constant danger, may never come. Only one person stands with him; his sister Grace.

Desperate to break the allegiance between mother and daughter, Grace vows to leave no stone unturned in her quest to clear her brother’s name before it is too late.

She unearths a web of vicious deceit in Summer’s turbulent past but nothing to prove her brother’s innocence. She is convinced though that if she keeps digging she’ll unearth something much bigger about her brother’s accuser to weaken the validity of her claims.

But as the evidence against Lawrence gets more sinister, his alcoholism, blackouts and activity on the Dark Web paint a much different story to the one her brother is telling.




What a rollercoaster ride that was!

I actually don’t know what I expected when I picked up this book but I can tell you that I got a hell of a lot more than I bargained for!

This story initially follows Laurence, a man in an unhappy relationship with a sociopathic woman. They have a lot of arguments, its all very unhealthy but he stays with her for the sake of his 7 year old daughter April.

Laurence has been having an affair with a teacher from April’s school. He knows it is wrong but these things happen I suppose! He intends on leaving his home and moving in with this other woman but that very day things go terribly wrong and Laurence’s life is changed forever.

His girlfriend Summer has reported him to the police for raping both her and his child. The evidence is strong enough that the police are happy to charge him there and then!

From that point onwards we follow Laurence’s sister Grace as she tries to clear her brother’s name and get him out of prison before he is killed!

Grace has been convinced from the moment she met Summer that she is not only a sociopath but a psychopath, schizophrenic as well as a series of other mental disorders.

Grace is a professional in her field and knows what’s she’s talking about. Her investigation into Summer and her past is so intriguing but what makes this book so good is that despite the fact you want to believe that Laurence really is innocent of his crimes you find yourself doubting it all the way through to the end.


I don’t know what else I can say without spoiling the plot so I will leave it at that.

It is very clever, very well written and very very exciting! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys thrillers that will keep you guessing!




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