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This week’s topic is Places in Books that I would love to live.

This weeks prompt is really great and I spent a fair bit of time thinking about my answers to this one. I hope you enjoy reading and checking out the books I’ve picked and I’d love to know if you would have gone for any of the same ones!


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What kind of list would this be if Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series were not on it? Ever since I read these books I have waited patiently for my Hogwarts letter! If I could pick any book universe to be part of then hands down, this would be it!

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Marsyas Island Orphanage

“Don’t you wish you were here?” Yes. Yes I really do! A magical island right by the sea where the weather is always sunny and you are surrounded by hilarious, magical children who want to take you on adventures! I would be loving life!

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Velaris, City of Starlight

I couldn’t possibly leave this beautiful city from the list! Velaris is everything that is good about the night court and I would love to live with Rhysand in his lovely town house!

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the toymakers by robert dinsdale

The Emporium

Open only during the winter months and a place where magic becomes reality and toys come alive. The only limit is your imagination. What a fantastical place this would be to live and work!

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Reading about Veronica’s adventures with the penguins in this book just made me so happy. I am not sure that I would want to live here permanently as I do think that I would miss my comforts but to live with and learn about penguins in their natural habitat would be a dream!

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The Kingdom of Triton/Poseidon

Mermaids! I mean do I even need to say more? I don’t think there are many people out there who haven’t considered how fun it would be to live in the ocean and be a mermaid. I loved the kingdom they built in this book and to have the ability to talk to the fish too, that would be pretty cool!

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The Graveyard

Okay so maybe this one is a bit morbid but when I read about Bod growing up in this graveyard and being brought up by all these ghosts I thought it sounded like so much fun. Not just any graveyard would do, it would have to be this one! 

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The Scottish Highlands

I have wanted to visit ever since I read this book and then even more so after I watched the show. I love Scotland and the Highlands are absolutely gorgeous.

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The Secret Garden

I must be honest here and say that I have still yet to read this book. I have watched the film more times than I can count though and I would just love to have a garden like this. There is so much magic in it and I would have so much fun exploring it all.

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Cosy cabin in the snow, the Northern Lights, reindeers and husky sledding, hot chocolate, sauna’s… I could go on and on. What a magic place this would be to live!

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And that’s all for this week’s top 10 Tuesday! Have you read any of these books? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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