Today is my stop on the blog tour for Silver Dawn Afire by Sonja J. Breckon. Silver Dawn Afire is a high fantasy book in which a girl destined to destroy the world refuses to do that and sets out to save the world instead.

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Book Review – Silver Dawn Afire by Sonja J. Breckon

A  little bit different from your average fantasy book. and I enjoyed every action packed second of it. It has drama, violence, friendship, love, religion (of a sorts), total lead female badass-ery, magic, twists and turns and of course the looming end of the world.

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Silver Dawn Afire (The Seventh Age Saga #1)

By Sonja J. Breckon

Genre: Fantasy

Age category: Young Adult

Release Date: March 16, 2021

Myridians are coming, each wielding one of Six Cataclysmic Powers that will lay waste to the world and wake the God of Neutrality. What happens when one refuses to succumb to her myridian nature and sets out to save the world instead?

SIDRA ANATOLA will soon die a human death and be reborn as one of the myridian, beings destined to destroy the World of Aetheria. In a desperate attempt to change her dark fate, she flees home and the young man she loves to seek help from a powerful entity who has lived through all the ages. But she may not make it in time before she is killed by hunters—or by the love of her life, also a myridian, who fights every day to hold onto the emotions that made him human.

BRESEIS ERISWEN was expelled from the academy and failed her father who expected her to carry on her late mother’s profession as a myridian hunter. But Breseis never wanted to be a hunter—she refused to kill, and she never believed in Myridians, to begin with. She leaves home with big dreams, lacking experience, and a broken heart, to prove that she is more than a failed hunter.

Two contrasting paths converge to become a turbulent one. A mouthy intellect with a colorful personality, and a skilled warrior with a frosty attitude, put their differences aside and travel the rest of the way together, robbing temples, angering false gods, and escaping numerous predicaments with their lives. Amid the chaos, they form a friendship despite a gut feeling that both hide dangerous secrets that can save or destroy the world and each other.



First of all as usual I want to give my thanks to the author, publisher and blog tour organiser for arranging this tour, providing an ARC of the book and allowing me to be a part of it all. I absolutely loved this book and it is a pleasure to promote it today.

So where to begin with reviewing this? I knew the moment that I saw the book and read the blurb that this was one that I wanted to read.

I had no expectations or preconceptions with this  because there were not many reviews online and no one was really talking about it so this truly was a hidden gem for me.

I was pulled into the story straight away as it starts with a little prologue of sorts that introduces you to the many deities of the world and gives you an idea of the type of book you are going into.

Initially I thought holy crap that’s a lot of deities, I’m never going to remember all of those but although there are a lot and the world is huge you really don’t need to remember all of them but its really good to learn about them in the beginning as it really does help to show the scope of the world that Sonja is building here.

After the prologue the story is told from the POV of three characters but I consider Sidra and Breseis to be the main characters here and the chapters told from Soren’s perspective are much less frequent but no less important.

I absolutely LOVED Sidra and Breseis as characters, I really don’t think I can say a bad thing about them.

Sidra was born a Myridian  which means that she was always destined to shed her humanity and become a “world ender”. These world enders are meant to bring in the new age of the world with a great war and basically bring about the end of the world so that things can start over anew.

The book is told in the 6th age of the world but there are flashbacks to previous ages and you will learn that the souls of each age are basically reincarnated in the new one but with no memory of their past lives and it is really interesting to see how similar the paths are in each life for the characters but also how things are now changing and the world is seeing things it has never been before.

Paths are changing, the wheel is breaking and Sidra is the one to break it.

Sidra does not want to end the world and wants to keep her humanity and help to save the world instead. She is really strong, badass with weapons and when she does fully transition into Myridian she gains a really cool power but I won’t spoil it by saying what!

Breseis is hilarious! She meets Sidra in a tavern and sort of thinks she saves her life and they end up travelling together. Her one-liners made me laugh a lot and she just comes across as really lovely and genuine but there is more to her than you initially think and it is so interesting to learn more about her as the book progresses.

Finally Soren, Sidra’s love. He is a very interesting character and his chapters were great even though there were not so many of them. He fights his nature right to the very end and I just loved him.

I think it should be said though that even though Sidra and Soren are love interests that there is basically no romance in this book. I don’t mind but for those of you who like romance in your fantasy books this one definitely does not tick that box.

The magic system here is really interesting, Myridians will usually gain a power or affinity after they transition and it could be anything from mind control to shapeshifting to raising the dead so that is really fun and I’d definitely like to see that explored more in later books!

Overall this book is something a little bit different from your average fantasy book. I’ve never read anything quite like it before and I enjoyed every action packed second of it. It has drama, violence, friendship, love, religion (of a sorts), total lead female badass-ery, magic, twists and turns and of course the looming end of the world.

I really have no idea whether or not Sidra will be able to fight her nature in the next book now that she has fully transitioned. She is destined to fight in the war and bring about the end of the world and it this stage I really couldn’t guess what will happen but I seriously can’t wait to find out. I highly, highly recommend this book!



About the Author

Sonja J. Breckon is a builder of fantasy worlds and not ashamed to admit she lives in them more than in the real world. Besides writing books, she works with various programs to create her own cover art, interior art, design, formatting, and fantasy maps. Sonja loves nature, the universe, coffee, and bookstores. Oh, and chicken potato enchiladas.

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