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Hello everyone and welcome to my first Tag Tuesday! I know I usually post a Top 10 Tuesday every week but I’ve decided to mix things up and bit and do a tag instead. I might alternate every week, we’ll see how we go! I have a bookmarks folder chock full of tags to do and this week I decided to go with one I saw hosted by Erika @And On She Reads and if you are not already following her wonderful blog then I suggest you go ahead and do that! 


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Enemies to lovers OR friends to lovers?
Definitely enemies to lovers! There’s just something really satisfying about hating a characters guts to falling madly in love with them. Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses is a great example of this trope done incredibly well. I also loved Prince Carden and Jude in The Cruel Prince.

Story told from one perspective OR from multiple perspectives?
I prefer single perspective or two at the most. Occasionally I can accept if there are more than that as long as the chapters are very clearly marked and it’s easy to understand what’s going on. The issue with multiple POV’s is that is is easy to get lost if there are too many stories being told.

Series OR standalone?
It depends on the book. Standalones are great because everything is wrapped up nicely all in one neat little book but particularly with fantasy stories I find that it takes more than one book to fully explore the world, characters and plot so with that genre in particular I prefer a series.

One book at a time OR multiple books on the go?
I usually have at least two books on the go at a time. Whatever I am reading and one audiobook to listen to on dog walks and while doing the housework! I never waste a reading opportunity!

Fiction OR non-fiction?
Always Fiction! I actually could count the number of none-fiction books that I have read in my life on one hand and still have fingers to spare. I don’t know why but I just cannot get into a none-fiction book no matter what it’s subject.

Daytime reading or night-time reading?
Night-time! Once the kids go to bed that is my time to relax with a good book! I do listen to my audiobooks for a couple of hours during the day though but usually just while out on walks.

Physical/eBook or Audio?

I love to display, hold and read physical books. There is nothing at all like owning a physical of your favourite book and flipping through the pages, it’s such a good feeling! I do enjoy my eBooks as well though and my kindle is very well used! I started listening to audiobooks last year and they have also become a big part of my routine so I guess my answer is ALL THREE!

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