♥ Sunday Update ♥

Hi bookworms, happy Sunday! I hope you are all safe, well and enjoying your weekend so far.

I’m probably going to keep this update short and sweet this week as I have a busy day ahead. 

It’s been a much quieter week overall with not much to report really.

My house has become infested with ants once again, this happens every year at this time of year and not too sure what to do this time as we usually put traps down but now that we have a dog we aren’t sure what is safe to use so more research needs to be done and soon!

Speaking of the dog, the vet has finally starting allowing “none-essential” procedures so he’s all booked in for his neutering on Tuesday. It will be weird to not have him in the house all day but there will be plenty of snuggles waiting for him when he gets home that night.

Lastly but certainly not least(ly?) the schools reopen tomorrow! Happy dance! I am so excited and so are the kids, they can’t wait to get back. Today ill be checking uniforms, packing lunches and counting down the minutes!

In terms of my reading week I am on track to have read 3 books again this week. I finished Bobby March Will Live Forever which is #3 in the Detective Harry McCoy series. I have a blog tour review coming up next week on the 11th so look out for that. I also finished Mother Loves Me which is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in ages (5 stars!) and I am 70% finished with Isoldesse so I will finish that today. I am actually enjoying it quite a lot so far which I am happy about as I had seen so many mixed review but ill talk more about that when I write my review in a few days.


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That’s all for this week from me! I hope you enjoyed reading and I’d love to hear about your week too so please leave me a comment if you have any posts to share that you’d think I’d like to read! Happy reading everyone!





  1. It’ll be a relief for everyone with the children going back to school I think. I feel sorry for them really – they need to see their friends.
    You look like you had a good week. Hope next week is as good.
    Lynn 😀

  2. Thank you for linking my review to your post! I wish you luck after your dog gets neutered as mine ran into everything including me for the 10-14 days they need to wear the “cone of shame” haha

    1. Your welcome! Oh god, I know! I am absolutely dreading the cone of shame. I actually bought him an inflatable collar to wear afterwards thinking it might be more comfortable and practical for us all but sadly it took him all of 3 minutes to remove himself from it so I think the cone is going to be needed! Poor baby haha!

      1. Depending on how “escapee” your dog is, then you can ask your vet if adding a t-shirt at night would be good for him (depends on the dog if the vet gives the okay). Just gives an extra barrier at night in case your dog finds away to remove the cone and you’re sleeping, so you don’t notice. I did that with my shepherd as she kept finding ways to escape even the more “secure” versions of the cone haha

  3. Ugh, ants! We get them every year in the spring as well. Luckily it’s usually pretty easy to see where they’re coming in and we put a gel there, it’s something they take back to their nest and then it kills the colony. Since they get in through a windowsill here we put it high up on the outside so no animals can get to it. Good luck with the ants–they’re such pests.

    1. I’ve read that talcum power can do the trick so I’m going to give that a try and see how we go! We have the gel too in the traps normally but I’m just a bit worried about the dog getting hold of it. He’s the type that gets hold of anything that he shouldn’t! 🤣

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