Hi everyone, happy Sunday!

The book blog community has given me so much love and support that I want to dedicate one post each week to share and spread as much love as I can for my fellow bloggers. It is hard work to keep a blog and I have nothing but respect and love for all of you.

If you are reading this I have probably commented on one or more of your posts already. If I haven’t then leave me a comment so that I can see you and I can see what you’ve been posting about.

I’m going to leave a list of all the posts that I enjoyed reading the most in the past week. Please check out these wonderful blogs and enjoy! ♥♥♥


  • Sammie @thebookwyrmsden – I absolutely loved this post about various different types of endings in books. clearly so much thought and effort when into this post and I really think that everyone should read it!
  • Alex @spellsandspaceships – This was a great post about the different types of book reviewer. I read a lot of blogs and I think I have encountered every type of reviewer mentioned and saw myself in a few of them too!
  • Haley @thecaffinatedreader – A fun discussion about the dreaded TBR pile that we as readers all suffer with and thoughts about whether or not its really needed!
  • Thestrawberrypost – I had fun reading this book tag and I am in the process of doing this one myself but there is just not enough time in the day sometimes!
  • Stephen @stephenwrites – A really fantastic post about how we in the reading and blogging community find out about upcoming book releases.


There were so many amazing posts this week and I wish that I could include them all but I would be here all day and all night writing! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and happy reading ♥♥♥

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