MUMA by M.K. Roze Book Review


MUMA is a chilling story of ghosts and possession that occasionally lifts the hairs on your arms but is underwhelming overall.

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Take the mirror back where it lay, or Muma will make you pay.
Adelyn Mae, who steals a mirror from the historic city of St. Augustine, doesn’t believe Muma’s curse is real. Not until she becomes possessed and takes on the evil entity’s appearance.
After Adelyn attempts to leave Witchery Cove, an unseen force stops her, leaving Adelyn having to fight for her survival. And if that wasn’t enough torture, Adelyn discovers she has hours to return the relic, or she will cease to exist, and everyone in town will die.



I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

First off, let me say that this was a total cover request for me. As soon as I saw it I thought it looked so creepy and strange.

This book didn’t quite scare or thrill me in the way that I had hoped it would but the story itself at its core was interesting and enjoyable.

Adelyn Mae is a high school student living in a town called “Witchery Cove”. She lives with her cop dad who doesn’t believe in the paranormal and her mum who does. Adelyn has never believed in the paranormal word before either until she returns from spring break with a strange mirror she found on the ground and felt compelled to steal for reasons she can’t explain.

Witchery Cove is a town with a dark past. A witch, hanged and burned alive is said to still haunt the mountains and tourists and ghost hunters flock from all over to hunt for the witch.

From the moment Adelyn steals the mirror, strange things start to happen around her. She starts to hear strange noises, things start to fall off the walls and when she looks at herself in the mirror she sees a flawless version of herself where the deep scar on her chin magically disappears.

You’ll read all the basic ghosty, haunting stuff that we’ve seen before and although there are a few moments that give you goosebumps, overall it is just not that scary and nothing really made the story feel like it stood out in that aspect.

Adelyn does anything she can to convince herself that these things aren’t happening and when she starts being possessed, eating things she would normally turn her nose up at and even speaking in an entirely different accent she would rather believe that she is mentally ill than to think there is a ghost possessing her body.

As the story progresses, Adelyn becomes more and more convinced that there is no other explanation she attempts to confide in her friends, family and even medical professionals but no one believes her.

For a town with such strong paranormal heritage, I found it amazing that Adelyn could find no one who would believe what was happening to her. I really felt like her friends and family were awful. People wanted to believe the worst in Adelyn when she started to attack people and say nasty things. They all believed it was her and that affected Adelyn quite badly and made her feel lost and with no one to help. Her thoughts turn quite dark during parts of the book where she feels like her body is no longer her own and she feels trapped, not knowing which way to turn.

One thing I really enjoyed about this story was the “battle” between the two witches. It was all very fast-paced and with plenty of twists that kept you turning the pages and wondering what was going to happen next.

This book does end on a cliff-hanger and I am not sure how I feel about it. I think with the way things are left that there is definitely opportunity for another book but it could just as easily be left as it is and it won’t kill you inside not to find out what happens next.

At no point during this book was I ever bored or struggling to get through it.

My issue with this book more than anything was the writing. Maybe it is because it needs a bit of further editing before release. I feel that some of the dialogue feels very unnatural. Things that are said by some characters I just found myself thinking, “why did they say it that way?” and there was a lot of vulgar language that just felt to me like it was for the sake of it more than anything.

I think that with a bit of further editing this book is definitely a story worthy of a 4 star rating as it was enjoyable to read with some scary parts.

Overall though I did like it and I think that any fans of the paranormal, possession and ghosts will find this a good read and its short enough that you can easily read it in a day or so.





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