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Faye and the City in the Sea by Nicole Bailey, Full Book Review

Faye and the City in the Sea – Nicole Bailey
Faye can never be free from the blood that stains her soul.

Haunted by the horrific traumas of battle, Faye struggles to move past the bloodshed she witnessed that fateful day. No amount of magic can erase from her mind the images of the lives lost.

She can’t breathe.

Can’t sleep.

Can’t focus on anything but the terror she’s drowning in.

Yet she isn’t the only one plagued by trepidation. As a co-council, anxiety is a part of Daron’s daily life. But never before was it like this. Crippled by fear, he hunts for a way to keep Faye and Alec safe as the threat of Typhon draws near.

Traveling to the mercity for the full moon revelry, Faye uncovers a sinister new threat that could endanger life for all merfolk. Can she and Daron work together to protect their new allies? Or will the losses suffered sink their enchanting world to the depths?

Ride the waves of adventure in this epic young adult tale set under the sea, masterfully written by author Nicole Bailey!

More myth and magic and heartbreak in this second instalment from Nicole Bailey.

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Thank you once again to the author for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I am very happy to leave my review for Faye and the City in the Sea, which is the second in a magical, mythological young adult series.

I highly recommend you read the first book first, you can find my review for that Here. 
STORY ★★★★☆ — The story picks up where the first book left off. Faye is in a bad place, after witnessing the battle in the last book she is not doing well.
In this book as well as battling her inner demons and preparing for the impending war with Typhons forces Faye travels to the Mercity and helps to build alliances and practice tapping into her magic.
Nicole does a wonderful job of expanding the fantasy world of Ether, introducing new mythological races but keeping a really unique, modern spin on the stories and tales you’ve heard before.

Faye — Faye is suffering from PTSD in this book which was very difficult but interesting to read. It was also refreshing as it is not something I have known to be covered in books of this genre much before. It really humanizes Faye as a character as well as the supporting characters around her as they try to help her to face her demons.

Daron & Alec — The connection between these two throughout both books is brilliant but in this book it is explored much more. You see different sides to them as a couple. You see that neither is perfect. They love deeply and fear for each other which sometimes makes them do or say things that they shouldn’t. It’s so nice to see the growth of the characters as well as their relationship throughout this book.
Telanas & Marious — Do I sense a potential love triangle here between these two and Faye? It is difficult to say as Nicole does not focus on romance at all with Faye, which is another thing that I found different and enjoyable.
Both of these characters are interesting and intruging. Marious as a prince of the merfolk goes into the meeting with Faye with his fathers agenda in mind but his feelings become very real, very fast. He never tries to push his feelings onto Faye though and you can see that he is struggling with his feelings. Telenas is a compex character and you expect certain things of him due to his race as a centaur but he surprises you again and again with his gentleness, compassion and understanding. I think that he cares very deeply for Faye, more than he will admit to himself or anyone.
Lana — Another new character introduced in this book, she attends to Faye when she makes her monthly visits to the mercity and she is absolutely adorable. Like Faye she has had a traumatic past and suffers with a lot of the same mental issues that Faye herself faces. They form a strong bond and become amazing friends. There is a huge shock at the end of the book involving Lana but that is as much as I will say about that!

WORLD ★★★★☆– A whole new world is introduced in this book. The mercity and the way it is described is absolutely wonderful and magical.

The city is under the ocean but is shielded so that the merfolk are able to get around in their human forms. It is a colourful, beautiful place and Nicole really paints the picture of it with her descriptions but without going so in depth that you get bored.

ENDING ★★★★☆ — This doesn’t feel like the end… I was utterly shocked and heartbroken during the last few chapters.

There must be another book coming. Nicole? Is there? Please? As with the last book I would not go as far as to say this ends on a cliff-hanger, it probably could be left there but in my opinion there are still a lot of loose ends to tie up.

OVERALL ★★★★☆– I loved it. It really expanded on the world from the first book, added a few new and interesting characters and had plenty of twists and turns along the way. The book is quite short and very easy to read. I wouldn’t mind a bit of extra padding but I think I said that about the first book. Sometimes chapters feel a bit lacking and I feel like scenes could just have a bit “more” but overall I think it’s a great book and well worth a read!


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