Hello world!

Here we go! (again?!)

So, it was recently suggested to me that I start a blog. Apparently I am obsessive passionate when it comes to books and it seemed like a great idea to compile all of my reviews and recommendations all in one place.

I did start this blog already on a different platform but I wasn’t getting along with it, so without further ado…

My intent with this blog more than anything is to diarize my yearly reading. On average I have been reading 40-60 books in a year and with 2020 drawing to a close and almost 70 books read for the year so far I started to think I could definitely fit in more! So here I will post and tally up my 2021 reads and we will just see what happens. I am sure we are in for a hell of a ride as I read and listen my way through what will hopefully be a much better year for everyone.

“And when we really apply ourselves, gosh knows, we might just dream up some pretty wild and fantastical things.” – Virginia Andrews, Flowers in the Attic.

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